Padang restaurant is the most familiar and popular in Indonesia, because you can find it in every corner of the street.Why the Indonesians love it so much, it's because padang food is so tasty, spicy, likable, always has a hot steam rice, and beyond that... padang restaurants always serve fast and not too expensive.These are some of our family favorites food which at least I made 2-3 times a week. I hope you like it..............


Saturday, March 8, 2008


2 whole baby chicken, cut into 8 pieces
750 ml coconut milk
500 ml coconut cream
100 red hot chilies, ground
1 tsp tamarind juice
100 ml oil to fry

10 shallots
cloves garlics
4 candlenuts, roasted
3 cm turmeric
5 cm galangal, grated
3 cm ginger, grated
1 lemongrass, only take the white stem
½ tsp whole white peppers
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste


1. Heat the oil in a wok over medium heat. Fry the ground ingredients, add ground red hot chilies, tamarind juice and baby chicken. Stir and mix well until the chicken change the color.
2. Lower the heat and pour coconut milk. Stir slowly until the sauce reduced and the chicken become half tender.
3. Add coconut cream, stir slowly and keep cooking until the chicken tender , thickened the sauce and the surface glistens. Remove from the wok, let it cool.
4. Grilled the chicken in theoven/bbq grill, turn over several time with brushing the remaining groung ingredients until the chicken finely have a nice brown color. Remove from the oven/grill, ready to serve.


2 ekor ayam kampung muda, potong menjadi 8 bagian
750 ml santan encer
500 ml santan kental dari 2 butir kelapa
100g cabai merah keriting, giling halus
1 sdt asam matang
100 ml minyak goreng, untuk menumis

10 butir bawang merah
4 siung bawang putih
6 butir kemiri sangria
3 cm kunyit
5 cm lengkuas, parut
3 cm jahe, parut
1 batang serai, ambil bagian putihnya
½ sdt merica bulat
Garam secukupnya
Gula pasir secukupnya

1. Tumis bumbu halus hingga harum. Masukkan cabai giling dan asam, aduk-aduk. Masukkan ayam, aduk hingga bumbu tercampur rata dan daging ayam berubah warna.
2. Tuang santan encer, masak sambil sesekali diaduk hingga santan menyusut dan ayam matang.
3. Tambahkan santan kental, aduk, dan masak kembali hingga ayam matang dan kuah kental serta berminyak. Angkat dan dinginkan.
4. Panggang ayam di atas bara api sambil dibolak-balik dan diolesi sisa bumbu hingga bumbu mongering dan berwarna kecoklatan, angkat. Siap disajikan.

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DiraBimo said...

Hi, I think you need to revise the english ingredient list as it says "100 red hot chillies" intead of 100 grams of red hot chillies a s I assume it is, based on the indonesian version underneath.